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Réf:545 030
Anti-kick hobble with fetter
Réf:540 100
Applicator for all milk sucking preventors
Réf:540 090
Applicator for small, medium and large sucking preventors
Réf:535 040
Bull holder steel, 39 cm
Réf:535 030
Bull holder tong pattern stainless steel, 45 cm
Réf:535 050
Bull holder with chain
Réf:535 020
Bull holder with coiled spring, 15 cm
Réf:530 210
Bull leader
Réf:530 160
Bull ring applicator for bull rings, inside siameter 50 et 60 mm
Bull ring applicator with turning handle for applying bull rings
Bull ring for applicator with turning handle
Bull ring superior quality steel with butterfly screw
Bull ring, copper
Burdizzo bull ring, stainless steel
Réf:540 200
Calf muzzle, heavy plastic
Réf:540 190
Calf muzzle, plastic
Réf:545 100
Cattle halter all rope, diameter 14 mm
Réf:545 010
Cattle hoist
Ref : 545 130
Collar for calf 65 x 4 cm
Réf:545 020
Cow immobilizer in individual carton
Réf:550 095
Extension handle for Picador, 70 cm
Réf:535 070
Eyelet bull holder, 20 cm
Réf:535 010
Harms bull holder with slide adjuster, 20 cm
Réf:545 040
Jointed tendon clamp, ring-shaped
Réf: 545
Lead rope, 3 metres
Réf:530 220
Leather bull ring holder for raising the ring
Milk sucking plastic preventor
Réf:540 230
Milk sucking preventor halter, rubber, large for cattle
Réf:540 220
Milk sucking preventor halter, rubber, small for young stock
Réf:540 180
Milk sucking preventor rubber with spikes
Réf:540 160
Milk sucking preventor with butterfly screw adjustable, AL model
Réf : 540
Milk sucking preventor with spring and spikes
Réf: 540
Milk sucking preventor, x 10
Réf:535 060
Nose twitch for horses
Nylon and leather head harness
Réf:550 090
Picador electric coaxer without batteries, without extension handle, CE agreement
Réf:530 010 010
Spare crew for bull rings for ref.530 050 to 530 091, x 4
Réf:545 020 010
Spare spring for cow immobilizer, x 10
réf:545 020 020
Spare tip for cow immobilizer, x 4
Réf:545 070
Strong nylon anti kick hobbles
Tendon clamp Bron pattern, high quality
Réf:550 080
Torero electric coaxer with batteries, CE agreement